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What is Industry 4.0?

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"Industry 4.0" has been on the agenda of the whole world since it was first mentioned at the technology fair held in Germany in 2011. It is referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution in some sources. Industry 4.0 is a German project. What prompted the German government to do this was the Chinese production opportunities that shook the European states economically. Developed countries such as Germany, Japan and America have turned to the Industry 4.0 target. Industry 4.0 is a goal and aims to bring together information technologies and all vital mechanisms. Industry 4.0; It is a set of systems consisting of three stages: Internet of Things, Internet services and cyber-physical systems. With Industry 4.0, which will bring the new world order, all production and living spaces will have smart equipment and the systems will work integrated with each other. It is stated that Industry 4.0 will be fully implemented within twenty years at the latest. With this system, which will restructure production and consumption, the distribution of rich and poor countries will also be reshaped and gaps will occur in the income distribution between countries.

Knowledge about Industry 4.0 is still weak. Countries have established research units within their own bodies for this purpose. The lack of enthusiasm of companies that are in a good position in the current industrial opportunities also harms development.

Advantages of Industry 4.0

Thanks to Industry 4.0, systems will produce fast and effective production. Possible malfunctions in the systems can be detected and resolved as soon as possible. The productivity rate is quite high and production will be focused on quality rather than quantity. Thanks to flexibility in production, techniques can be changed and products can be manipulated with simple operations. In the face of such positive developments, costs will be minimized and huge factories will be replaced by small tools. Factories and houses can be monitored remotely and transactions can be made remotely.

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