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​ ​First of all, we congratulate you for making the right decision by purchasing CEONIC products, which is a reliable and quality brand, and thank you for choosing us.

Before using your gun, carefully read and follow the warnings and instructions.

Comply with the Gun Laws of the Republic of Türkiye No. 5729. Perform the necessary procedures.

Although your gun is a "dry-fired" gun, it is dangerous, incorrect and careless use can cause serious damage.

Learn how to use a gun in detail from your gun's owner's manual and also from your dealer.

​ ​


Rule One: When you pick up a pistol or other ammunition-firing weapon, always assume that it is loaded, first aim the gun in a safe direction and open the cartridge chamber to make sure it is empty.

Never leave your pistol with a full magazine and cartridge in the chamber. Never give it to unauthorized persons and children.

Do not shoot at people or animals at close range, except in self-defense. (at least 5 meters) Keep your distance.

The sound level will be higher in a closed area. It may damage your eardrum, we recommend using earplugs.

Shooting in or near infants and young children is very dangerous and should never be done.

When shooting indoors, it must be ventilated. Breathing the gases from the cartridge can threaten your health, it is recommended to shoot in an open area as much as possible.


​Remove the magazine of your pistol from its slot by pressing the button on the left side of the handle.

Take the magazine in one hand, take the cartridge in your other hand between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger, and push the cartridge forward by pressing the back of the magazine.

And press the other cartridges so that they overlap.

After it is filled, drive the magazine into its slot until you hear a locking sound, quickly pull and release the barrel cover to deliver the cartridge to the chamber, or press the cover lowering latch to ensure that the cover itself goes forward with the spring force to drive the cartridge.

Your pistol is now loaded and ready to fire. Do not let go of your gun anymore and aim only in the safe direction.

​ ​


In order for your gun to get used properly and to have a long life, do not forget to clean it by removing the cap and the magazine after each use. Do not forget to lubricate for preservation after cleaning.

Pay attention to the ammo used and its quality. Although CEONIC guns can fire all kinds of bullets, we mostly recommend quality bullets that comply with the CIP standard.

In cheap cartridges, you need to clean the chamber and the barrel of your gun after each magazine, because these bullets produce a lot of soot and soot.

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